Make-up & Perfume

Put your fashion accessories ONLY AFTER you have applied your make-up, lotion, hairspray and perfume.  They contain chemical agents which may tarnish your accessories.

Perspiration, Water & Chemical Agents

Remove your fashion accessories when you are doing activity which may interact with perspiration, water and chemical agents (e.g.household tasks, exercise).  Exposing your fashion accessories to the above may dull  your accessories.


Keep your fashion accessories in low humidity environment separately.  Do not stack them together to avoid scratches.  Store away from sunlight to avoid fading.

Metal fashion accessories:  store in resealable plastic pouch (zip lock) to help prevent or slow down tarnish.
Pearls:  store in fabric pouch to avoid scratches


Do not use commercial solvents and water to clean your fashion accessories.  It is good enough to wipe dirt using soft towel or cotton cloth regularly.

Fashion accessories, when treated with CARE, will look fabulous for long.

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9/7/2011 10:12:00 pm

thanks for the tips. i find them very helpful!


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